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Physics II

  • 21Days


Course Topics: PART I: MECHANICS. (part 2) 6. Circular Motion and Other Applications 7. Energy of a System 8. Conservation of Energy 9. Linear Momentum and Collisions 10. Rotation of a Rigid Object About a Fixed Axis 11. Angular Momentum 12. Static Equilibrium and Elasticity. 13. Universal Gravitation. 14. Fluid Mechanics Registration time: Students can register for classes at the beginning of each month. Class size: The courses at ExcellenSation are designed to provide the most efficient learning experiment. Henceforth, the class sizes are limited to 6 students to maximize student interaction with the instructors. Marking: The marking of the course is based on quizzes, assignments, presentations and projects. This course does not provide a numerical mark to the student, yet it would assign a Pass or Fail value to indicate if the student could complete at least 80% of the course requirement. Certificate: Upon fulfilment of all course requirements successfully, a certificate of completion will be issued to successful students. Completion deadline: The courses are designed to finish with the allocated time; however, should a student require more time to complete the course, it would be granted as the goal of education is learning, not finishing. Failing: Upon failing the course materials, the students may repeat the course at no extra tuition fee. At in ExcellenSation, we believe the failure is the responsibility of the course provider and course taker.

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