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Introduction to Product Design

  • 14Days


Course Topics: 1 PORTFOLIO: The students would develop a product prototype with a professional slide deck by the end of the course. In addition to the prototype, user research would be employed to support the outcome. 2 PRESENTATION: The students would learn how to persuasively structure presentations and pitch new features. Then, simulate a product pitch and feedback session as a class. 3 PRACTICE: Get real-time feedback on your work from professional product designers, and ask your questions during office hours. 4 IMPACT: Elevate your earning potential armed with the skills to create agile digital products and excel in a field. Registration time: Students can register for classes at the beginning of each month. Class size: The class sizes are limited to 6 students to maximize student interaction with the instructors. Marking: This course does not provide a numerical mark to the student, yet it would assign a Pass or Fail value to indicate if the student could complete at least 80% of the course requirement. Certificate: Upon fulfilment of all course requirements successfully, a certificate of completion will be issued to successful students. Completion deadline: The courses are designed to finish with the allocated time; however, should a student require more time to complete the course, it would be granted as the goal of education is learning, not finishing. Failing: Upon failing the course materials, the students may repeat the course at no extra tuition fee.

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